Carnival of Tongues, Tails and Other Protrusions

I used to tell people, I can draw from life, but when it comes to drawing from my imagination, I am pathetic. In 2016, that all changed; I became obsessed with drawing what ever came to mind, and now, several years later, I've made close to 100 new images.

Unlike any of my other work - be it previous drawings or my photographs, where planning and preparing were integral to their production, these new drawings are done intuitively. Anything and everything is allowed. I do not censor the content, nor question what the hell I am doing, nor ask myself why there are so many tails, tongues and other protrusions. They are what they are.

If someone wants to know specifically what this work is about, I will say: play, chance, make-believe, pointy bits, penises, funnels, and open mouths filled with chaos and splendour.